Our Process

Solving the Bermuda Triangle of product, marketing and sales.

The departments most vital to company growth often struggle to cross-collaborate on the needs of the core buyer and end user. Inside a complex B2B customer life cycle, these misalignments grow into differing views of the market, or competing perspectives of what buyers and end users value about an offering. 

The result is wasted effort, frustrated team dynamics, weak customer retention, lagging top-line revenue and poor margins.


Rebuild a Shared Center of Gravity

We begin with a series of working sessions that bring product, sales and marketing leaders together to define the major motivations of the core buyers and users. These sessions are designed to share internal insights about the market and quickly garner buy-in on who we are targeting.


Craft a Compelling Data Narrative

The newly defined profile of the core buyer and/or users establishes the boundaries that the new product narratives need to work within. Our team establishes a compelling story arc that is rooted in social proof, internal data and secondary research. This allows a team to confidently reframe the market problem and connect the needs of the market to their solution.



Align Products and Services to Their Strengths

The objective strengths of your product need to connect with the buyer and users’ main motivators. 

We build collateral, demos, animations, videos and sales trainings that lean on the ways your product/service can target the market’s needs. Our work reveals hidden trends, educates the buyer, and introduces compelling sales narratives that unpack benefits.

When an organization’s sales, marketing and product functions are aligned, that organization achieves 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.


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How We Work

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